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Put simply, we are an affordable resource available to support you and your energy projects.

We have extensive experience in managing and balancing real time output of generation export, structuring contracts, leading and supporting energy projects including renewable generation and energy from waste.

We are keen to help, get stuck in and provide our knowledge to support you build a better net zero future.

Energy Markets

Use our expertise to support you as you seek out a suitable energy contract, whether that’s a supply agreement or a power purchase agreement (PPA)  We will provide detailed analysis to support decision making and help you negotiate terms.

We provide ongoing energy risk management insights and services to ensure that the agreement meets your needs.  We also provide balancing services to support your daily forecasting to optimise your position and market exposure.

Our team was involved in several of the first ever corporate PPAs back in 2007 – we are experts in how to approach long term risk management and have closed over 2,000MW of PPAs.

Energy Management

Power and gas procurement is the foundation of excellent energy management. Lean on our marketplace insight and expertise to buy energy in a way that suits your broader objectives; taking product, price and terms into account to build the most beneficial strategy for your business.

We will help you implement energy reduction and behind the meter projects, and provide data tools which identify opportunities for action and to make positive change.

Energy Projects

Energy projects are broad ranging – from metering and data logging, to investment in motors, drives, and ultimately reducing reliance and higher costs of grid electricity.

Our extensive hands on experience from various sectors, including energy intensives, generation, gas peaking, waste and recycling means we have a depth of knowledge which will present you with project opportunities.

Our team was involved in several of the first ever corporate PPAs back in 2007, and is well known to renewable developers.


Asset Management

Ensure your assets are reaching their potential – our dedicated experts provide support across the full spectrum of asset management.

Data tools, digital twin, AI and system integration are all projects that we have been involved with during the last 10 years, and our team has worked for several major infrastructure investors in renewables in asset management roles.

At Juvo we aim to help you grow your business bringing our expertise into the development of energy risk management strategy,  renewable energy developments and carbon saving projects. We become part of your extended team over the life of your projects.



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