About Us

Our dedicated team brings experience from across the sector, having worked for project investors, major renewable generators, and energy suppliers. Based in the UK, Juvo team covers the full energy spectrum, from markets and risk management, PPAs, to renewable energy developments, asset optimisation, behind the meter projects and data systems.

Our Mission

When energy is managed effectively, it can have a huge financial impact on a business, reducing risk,  maximising generation assets and the cost of consumption.

It is our aim to provide customers with the peace of mind with respect to sustained profitable operation.




We believe in adopting a close and collaborative relationship with our clients.  We deliver a service where we become part of your extended team and where our expertise is passed on to your own in house resources.

We package our services up into deliverable and bespoke projects to meet your needs.

Part of the team
Value adding
Quick off the mark

Our approach

Step 1

Understanding your needs both now and in the longer term.

Step 2

Developing solutions & project plans with you, providing all the necessary insight for easy decision making.

Step 3

Learn and optimise through implementation

And continual support?